Welcome to The Sturridge Dance

Hello, my name is Kirby Foss, and welcome to my blog. I absolutely adore football, soccer, futbol, whatever you want to call it, I love it. I am busy as a college student at VCU as well, so there will be no regular times to post, but I will post as much as possible whenever I can. As you can probably tell by my web domain name, I am a Liverpool fan, and one feature of this site will be weekly summaries of LFC matches, but do not think I am some crazed red who will always put a pro Liverpool spin on everything. Quite the opposite, I am known as a famously pessimistic fan, so if you ever feel I am being brutal towards your club, I am guaranteed to be worse to my own. This site will contain my personal opinions, statistics, debates for you to weigh in on, and humorous features such as Wanker of the Week. I will be as objective as humanly possible for most articles, unless it involves my own personal opinion, or Daniel Andre Sturridge, in which case objectivity goes out the window because he is the second coming of Christ. Enjoy the blog! First post coming tonight!

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