West Ham, What the F**K are you Thinking?!

West Ham United FC are in a bit of a tight spot right now. They find themselves sitting down at 18th position in the Premier League, which is the relegation zone for those who do not know, and have conceded more goals than anyone in the Premier League. With this in mind, the club made the decision this morning to sack their manager Slaven Bilic. Slaven-Bilic-1-957x598

This is the right decision for the club, I am not asking the title question about the decision to bin Bilic. He had to go. His tactics were questionable to non existent, players made too many individual errors and often seemed as if they were not trying, and their back line is so leaky even FlexSeal couldn’t plug it. The clubs fitness is also very bad, many players who left West Ham under Bilic, such as Reece Oxford, Sofiane Feghouli, and Robert Snodgrass, spoke of how much more intense the training is at their new clubs, and it shows as West Ham tire out in games, and give up many late goals, such as the late winner against Southampton this season, and the late equalizer against bottom club Crystal Palace. In the transfer market, many of his signings turned out to be flops, and his very successful first season (the only reason he held on to the job this long) seems more and more like they had relied on the individual brilliance of Dimitri Payet, who he then sold the next year after Payet went on strike. It was clear watching this weekends loss to Liverpool that they had given up on him, and that he had lost the dressing room, seeing that no Hammers player has thanked him or even acknowledged his departure publicly, the only acknowledgement any player has given to it has been from now retired former Hammer Alvaro Arbeloa, who tweeted “Better late than never” at the news.

So no, I am not criticizing their decision to sack Slaven Bilic at all, but rather, who his replacement is almost certainly going to be. The club has said they will not pay the compensation to get any employed manager out of their current job, but that is not even a major issue. Despite their fans claims, West Ham are not a big enough club for the likes of Carlo Ancelotti, Luis Enrique and Thomas Tuchel (sorry hammers) but there are still plenty of decent appointments out there unemployed. From Ronald Koeman, who did a good job at Southampton and had an excellent first season at Everton, to Sam Allardyce, relegation battle specialist, to even Alan Pardew, who took Crystal Palace to an FA Cup Final in his last full year there. But no, according to Sky Sports, West Ham has gone for DAVID FREAKING MOYES, a move that should baffle anyone with half a brain. Let’s examine Moyes’s recent track record shall we?


Moyes made his reputation at Everton, where from 2002-2013, he never won a trophy, but he raised them up from a club battling relegation to a solid mid table club, finishing between 5th and 7th on average. But it has all gone downhill from there. Once the great Sir Alex Ferguson retired from Manchester United, he recommended his fellow Scot Moyes for the job. That turned into a complete disaster, taking the champions of England to 7th place and not even lasting a full season in charge. It is very hard to repeat as champions, and his squad was aging, but there is no reason they should have fallen that far down. He brought a small club mentality to United, fought with the players by ending their favorite training methods under Fergie, and brought dinosaur tactics to the club. They once attempted EIGHTY ONE crosses in one match! EIGHTY ONE! No wonder United, who pride themselves on progressive attacking football, sacked him in April.  After Manchester United, he went to Real Sociedad in La Liga to rebuild his reputation. He was hired to save the club from relegation after they had only won 2 out of 11 games and did so, but was then sacked the next year after he also only won 2 out of 11 games. He also could not relate to his dressing room, because he failed to learn any Spanish. Then, he went to Sunderland, where the club looked lost from the start, and finished bottom of the league and was relegated. He brought old Everton favorites that should be in nursing homes along with him, and it showed. By the end of his time at Sunderland, he did not have a single ally left in the dressing room according to most media, and his tactical ineptitude was summed up by their 2-1 loss to Man City, where he took off their only goal threat and scorer of their goal for a teenage defender, who then won it for City with an own goal. That Sunderland team has gone down as one of the worst in EPL history, with its only moment of note being when Moyes told a female reporter “You might still get a slap, even though you are a woman!”.  Not been a good four years for him, has it?

So, with all this in mind, WHY THE HECK DO WEST HAM THINK HE IS THE MAN TO SAVE THEIR SEASON!! The man has failed in not just his previous job, but HIS LAST THREE! You would think they would have learned from their mistakes, in the 2010/11 season, West Ham sacked Gianfranco Zola, and appointed Avram Grant, who, guess what, had finished 20th the previous year!!! They, of course, ended up relegated, and now in danger of relegation again, have gone right back to appointing a last place manager, just like before. At least Avram Grant had been to a Champions League Final, MOYES HAS NEVER WON A BLOODY TROPHY. The last thing you want in their situation is a manager with that history of recent failure, and one with a temper and prone to alienating a dressing room. I bet Chicharito, the Hammer’s new star striker, is going to love being reunited with the man who drove him out of Man United! Shame on owners David Sullivan and David Gold, and chairwoman Karren Brady, for letting the fans down with such a uninspiring appointment doomed to failure, and not learning from their past mistake. The lack of ambition is truly stunning. I tell you what, yer da from the pub goes on and on about how foreigners hinder the advancement of British coaches, but I believe it is hindered more by clubs giving jobs to the same old PROVEN FAILURES time and time again, such as Moyes, or Roy Hodgson at Crystal Palace. So in conclusion, enjoy your time in the Premier League this season West Ham, because you will be in the Championship next season for certain, if Moyes’s track record is anything to go by.






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